Former Candidate for Minnesota Senate District 53


We Deserve Better!

I have questions. Are we honestly better off today than we were a few years ago? By simple observation, many currently directing policy are either oblivious of the impact on us or deceptively intentional in their actions.

  • Where are these policies taking us?
  • How much trust has been lost in your child’s education?
  • Is our community safer?
  • Are your neighbors, our business owners, or the hard-working employee thriving? Are you?
  • Are taxes holding us down and hurting our seniors?
A letter from Me to you

My Fellow Minnesotans

Amidst the challenges of history, America was birthed as one nation under God to secure a more perfect union of liberty & justice for all people. At times, those before us have failed. Our story is also full of greatness when we chose to lead with courage. Our shared American values and ingenuity have led this world in remarkable ways and Minnesota is a meaningful part of that rich history.

Unfortunately, over these last few years, we have witnessed our great state stumble. Now, destructive policies & un-American values are causing greater damage to our community. We are not on the right path, and we know it.

Inflation, Record Gas Prices, Food Shortages, the Sexualization of our Children, Heavy Taxes, Division, Lies, Lockdowns, Censorship, Mandates, Crime, Abuses of Power, Open Borders, Fraud, Questionable Election Integrity, Drugs, Suicide, Devaluation of Life, Blame, Skin Color vs Character, Social Justice vs Accountability, & Defunding our Police?

How long will we allow this list to grow and fester? Look at where these actions and policies have brought us! We can not afford to be led further down this destructive path.

Today, I am standing to say, "NO MORE!" We are better than this. I believe our best days are truly ahead of us but the society we seek is found only in a return to our founding principles. This great republic was forged in deep humble faith as one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. It is time for courage and to stand up for what is right, not because it is easy but because it is necessary. That is why I am running to serve as the next State Senator from District 53; because WE DESERVE BETTER.

Our Community needs each of us

"Ask not what your country can do for you... ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

Would you stand with me?


We Need You!


Your support will make a difference.