What do I stand for?

There is a lot going on in our world and there is a lot to talk about. Below is a small sample of my beliefs. The issues we face are often complex. Discovering solutions are served best through conversations anchored in truth, kindness, and respect.

Please reach out with questions. I'd love to hear from you!


Our economy should work for us! Right now it doesn't. We will spend thousands of dollars more this year than last on gas and groceries.

How has that affected your budget, your family, or the plans you've made for retirement?

Minnesota is also among the highest-taxed states in the nation. I'm here to change that, lower taxes, and stand up for healthy budgets with your help!

We need to invest in Minnesota's resources, not restrict them. We need to stop excessive spending. We need to cultivate policies that support innovation, competition, and most importantly do not undermine a free market society.


Minnesota continues to spend more tax dollars each year on education. How have students benefited? Test scores are down. Graduation rates are down. Mental health issues are up. Drug use is up. Suicides are up. Students are struggling and money won't fix these problems.

We need a heart change with a policy change.

Teaching kids to focus on skin color or sharing sexual ideas is wrong. They have no place in classrooms. We need to return to reading, writing, math, history, and learning life skills.

Parents are their children's first and most important educators. We must stand up for this truth.

Public Safety

Minnesota is our home and there's no excuse for the lack of public safety.

Laws do not change the heart or the mind of the individual who has chosen to act outside of the law.

That is why we support our brave men and women of law enforcement, emergency services, and first responders, not stand against them. We need to safeguard our justice system with righteousness so that in administering the law is impartial.

It's time for elected officials to vocally support and dignify those who serve, hold criminal acts accountable again whoever commits them, and champion the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens with truth.