Meet Chris

Born and Raised

I am a descendant of Norwegian immigrants who arrived in the mid-1700s in what is now Minnesota, searching for a better life. They were farmers, fur traders, & horse wranglers. Some witnessed the historic birth of the United States of America in 1776. Then in 1858 when Minnesota became the 32nd state one relative was elected to serve as a State Representative. Those before me constructed our interstate freeways, led government advisory boards, and served in the military dating back to the Civil War. My family’s history of service directly reflects who I am and what I stand for!

  • Born in St Paul, MN
  • Passionate about history, education, and leadership
  • Actively serving and volunteering alongside local non-profits & organizations abroad since age 10
Meet chris

Education and Experience

I grew up in the south metro and spent my summers up north on my grandparent's farm. I am a film school graduate, a small business owner, and currently completing my master's degree in strategic leadership. I am a successful results-oriented leader who has consistently delivered impactful solutions for both local and international companies in entertainment, business, and education.

Today, I serve students and educators nationally by providing meaningful solutions to the challenges they face inside and outside of the classroom. I am confident that my experience and outlook on life uniquely position me to serve you well as the next Minnesota State Senator from District 53!

  • Graduate of The Los Angeles Film School & currently completing a Master's Degree in Strategic Leadership
  • Avid Outdoorsmen and MN Sports fan
  • Small Business Owner
Meet Chris

Family and Vision

This is my beautiful wife Heidi and our 2-year-old daughter Avanelle. We live in South St Paul in a charming home on a hill, and we love it! Together, we enjoy exploring the cities, adventures at the park, and making s'mores over our fire pit. We have had the honor of supporting many amazing causes, ministries, and organizations in life. More recently, we've experienced a growing burden to step out and serve in a different way by running for State Senate. It has become clear that Minnesota is on the wrong path, and we know it. We don't need more politics, we need leadership that is rooted in character, common sense, and truth. We need leaders who steward policies that cultivate life and liberty for every person. Minnesota is our great North Star State and I believe our best days are ahead of us! We just won't get there with the current policies that are hurting us. Very simply, We Deserve Better. I'm asking for your trust, support, and vote on November 8th!

  • My wife is a pastor, ballet teacher, & on the alumni board of her alma mater
  • I currently work cross-culturally in Education
  • Avanelle, when asked, would like to live on a farm with chickens, a slide, and a stage so she can sing about the movie Zootopia
Our Values

The values that drive everything we do

Truth & Wisdom

Truth is the property of being in accordance with fact and reality. Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; then knowing how and when to apply them.

Character & Trust

Character is doing what is right when no one else is watching. Trust is the confidence others place in you to do the right thing when no one else is watching.

Liberty & Justice

Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views. Justice is the security of one's liberty.